Freedom. Adventure. Independence. Empowerment. Fun.

These are some of the reasons why nearly 7 million women in America ride their own motorcycles. They are changing the face of the stereotypical motorcycle rider as they ride on two or three wheels, in searing hot summers and freezing cold winters. Many ride on their own or in casual groups, others are dedicated members of motorcycle clubs. This unique demographic cuts across every profession, represents every race and culture and welcomes mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and sisters.

In 2016, women from all over the country and as far as Austria, Australia, and Aruba converged on Beaumont, TX for the first Lace, Grace and Gears Rally with a goal of setting a world record for the largest number of women riders in one location. They came short of the record, but counted 808 women on 624 motorcycles. The second LGG rally is being planned and we are confident that we will break the record of 1,002 women this year!

LGG 2016 was special. Not only was it the first rally, but friendships were made and others strengthened at an event that brought together women from all walks of life under the umbrella of sisterhood. They enjoyed a weekend of community, sharing, laughing, riding together, mentoring and inspiring each other. Seasoned riders and newbies came together to share a passion for the asphalt ribbon, a desire for adventure, and a celebration of just how far women riders have come. They proudly represented their millions of wind sisters across the nation with one united message: WHERE ARE YOU?!

A strong desire was voiced for LGG 2017, so here we are! Put your travel plans in place and saddle up for what promises to be an extraordinary rally! See you in September!